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Education and Vocation

Richard Raport, B. A.                                                                                   

� Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social  

    Science from Pepperdine Univ.  '63       

� Life Standard Social Science

   Adult Ed Teaching Credential  (CA)

� Principal and Teacher

  (5 Private Schools, CA & WA)         

 � Public School Teacher (CA)              

Carolyn Raport, M.S. LMFT                 

 � Certified Teacher in Washington State.

  Taught and tutored regular and special needs

  elementary and secondary students      

� BS Degree in Special Education UNLV '76  � Master's Degree, Seattle Pacific  Univ.

   MFT '04           

� Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

   WA State LF00002579                

� Adjunct PSY Prof at Puget Sound

  Christian College, '06 -'07                   

� Former Congressional Staffer  '95-'01

We believe you want your Child to

love learning.

We offer supportive tutoring to help turn struggles into success.

In our teaching approaches we use the

7 Intelligence Styles

Verbal, Mathematical, Visual,

Kinesethitic, Musical, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal.

Activities and hands on materials supplement

learning as needed.