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Need a Tutor?

It is time to change struggle into success.

Who should apply?

Parents of Children and Adolescents who recognize the benefits of tutoring and want their student to enjoy learning and be successful in school and life.

Adults who missed the basics in school and need to master reading, writing and spelling in order to better communicate in their workplace, community and family.

English as a second language--adults, adolescents and children.

Adults preparing for United States citizenship

How to apply?

First, we recommend you send an e-mail with your contact information and a brief description of the learning challenges so we can contact you.

You may also call for a free 15 minute consultation and make an appointment to meet with us. Office hours are 10am - Noon and 2-5pm, Monday through Friday. Evening and weekend appointments are scheduled upon request.

To learn more about our tutoring services, call or email our Admissions Coordinator, Richard Raport

Parents are invited to observe sessions


encouraged to support their student’s progress.

Reasonable Fees

Call for your free 15 minute consultation.


Our hourly rates are competitive and range from $35 to $50 an hour depending on the program selected. Longer sessions are  highly recommended for Special Needs Students.